Building Surveying Services

Humphreys & Sons offer the wide range of surveying services that one would expect from a practice of RICS Chartered Surveyors, this includes Project Management, RICS Building Surveys, RICS Condition Reports.

Project Management Services can be tailored to the specific needs of your project, ranging from minor technical assistance and consultation services as needed, through to a full project management service with every aspect of your project and design managed throughout the entire build process.

RICS Building Surveys are detailed reports on the condition of a property, with the relevant building and any defects thoroughly described and analysed with recommendations made regarding remediation and requirements for further specialised reports. A detailed written report with photographs is provided which is suitable for all types of building regardless of age and complexity.

RICS Condition Reports are a simplified version of the RICS Building Survey, with a brief and concise summary of the condition of the building provided by means of a traffic light coding system. The fee for this report is less than the full RICS Building Survey as it is less thorough and contains much less detail, information and explanation of the building and any defects. This report is more suited to simpler properties of standard construction, where a detailed report is not considered necessary.